Munny Custom – Voltes V (Five)

This is my first attempt to customize Munny by KidRobot the D.I.Y. Toy, so if you see it’s not that good but good enough I can say for beginner’s like me 🙂 . I try to make a lot of concept first and decided to design it from my childhood robot hero “Voltes V”. You can see in my previous post the latest release of this robot.

I use Krylon acrylic spray paint and with the combination of Testors paint. For lining and edging I just use a simple Pilot fine point highlighter. I’m not sure if this is really a good way or materials for painting this toy, I try to google around but no luck I can’t get a good idea what exactly they using to make it really cool. Though I got a good article by painting a surf board with “Pentel” acrylic markers but unfortunately its not available here in Vancouver, Canada or maybe hard to find. Online is not my option right now so try to make it what is available here in my place. And yap, not bad I come it with cool design of Munny and I’m more interested now to follow it up with a new one. The design is already in my mind so I can’t wait to get one again. So for now see you in some forum talking about Munny design, here is the forum site where I in now.

Check it out and see you there. If you have other known best site to discuss this toy, please let me know I’m happy to know more about this community. Happy Munny’s Day!!!