My First Voltes V-Soul of Chogokin

Finally I own one of this, After 20 years of hoping and bugging my mom that one day I will be able to play one of this toy.

Voltes V is really a phenomenon cartoon show on 70’s and re-issue a couple of times on primetime show, I can say I’m the second generation of Voltes V fans, because on the first time it was air in the Philippines, I was just a baby, so defintely I’m not that old 🙂

Well anyway enjoy the video as much as enjoy my toy, also by watching it and not by playing it (maybe sometimes, I try to bring back my childhood when no one is around) beacuse it’s value and price which is so steep to say by now. This is already the latest version of Voltes V, which is release by Soul of Chogokin, The original is by Bandai Japan.

Here is a short stuff about Voltes V:

Voltes V, also known as Voltus V or Vultus V, is a classic anime, spans in 40 episodes, produced by Toei Animation, broadcasted in Japan by Asahi TV Station, every Saturday evening from 04. June 1977 to 25. March 1978.

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