Nike Free 7.0 x Transformers – KO

tformers nike

This is my KO copy

This is my copy (I can say) of Takara Transformers Nike Free Optimus Prime and Megatron, but this pair is just a KO or bootleg of the original version which was release a year ago. Below is the posting at last year:

Takara continues to release more innovative and imaginative products with the new Transformers Sports Label series! This new series features 1/2 scale transforming Nike shoes! These licensed items should be somewhere around 6″ in length in shoe mode and it looks like they even have real laces connected to the top of the shoe. Convoy and Megatron are also each sporting a miniature pair of Nike Free 7.0 as a finishing touch.

Product Number: TAK10699
Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds
Arrives May 2007
Our Price: $29.99

Product Number: TAK10700
Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds
Arrives May 2007
Our Price: $29.99

I actually can’t believe that I won’t able to grab one of the original version of this. What a shame, I actually no idea when they release and only just recently I got an information with this after one year. So what I did was, I immediatey surf to the internet, amazon and Ebays if I will still be able to grab one of this, but unfortunately I only got this Ko version and I don’t see anymore of the original version so I don’t have any idea what is the pricing right now of this cool stuff by Takara.

I just like to share this nice video of this lucky guy who able to own one of this rare version of Transformers.


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